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May 5, 2016

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Louisville, KY – The Kentucky Smoke Free Association, Inc. (KSFA) issues the following public response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) one-size-fits-all approach to the regulation of tobacco products in the United States:

“E-vapor products represent the first truly effective technology in the campaign to reduce consumer use of traditional tobacco products. These e-vapor products have been extremely successful in turning approximately nine million smokers into former smokers since 2009. Only last week, the Royal College of Physicians, Britain’s equivalent of the American Medical Association, recognized the contribution and effectiveness of e-vapor products by opining that regulations should not inhibit the development or use of these products. Today, the FDA issued its final regulatory rule which classifies e-vapor products as tobacco on a retroactive basis. This move essentially bans 99% of all e-vapor products on presently in the marketplace because they came to market after the February 15, 2007 predicate date set forth in the Tobacco Control Act.
While the KSFA supports the parts of the FDA regulations which address age restrictions, child-proof packaging and warning labels, the final rule creates an overly-burdensome and cost-prohibitive marketplace barrier to the manufacturers of beneficial e-vapor products. The FDA estimates manufacturers will have to devote approximately 1,500 hours per product application and as much as $1,000,000 per application. Even worse, this final rule pulls also the rug out from beneath the approximately nine million smokers who have switched to e-vapor products, putting them in jeopardy of returning back to traditional tobacco products. These traditional products kill approximately 480,000 Americans each year and costs our government more than $300 billion in annual health care expenses. The FDA’s regulatory policy which “deems” these e-vapor products as being tobacco will only serve to eliminate products that have high acceptance among adult cigarette smokers, and ultimately harm the broader public health goal of deterring tobacco use.”

To learn more about the KSFA, visit www.kysmokefree.com or click here to follow us on Facebook.

The KSFA is the largest trade association of Kentucky e-vapor retailers who have developed a marketplace for innovative and quality e-vapor products, providing adult consumers with a better alternative to traditional combustible products. KSFA and its members are leaders in the e-vapor community who promote small businesses and job growth, responsible public policies and regulations, and responsible industry standards.

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We were the first electronic cigarette store in this area and the most established. We opened our first store in Owensboro in 2011 and have expanded to 8 stores (2 in Owensboro, 1 in Henderson, 1 in Bowling Green, 1 in Madisonville, 1 in Oak Grove, and 1 in Clarksville, TN). We have been mixing and refining our fluid selection since we opened our doors. Our commitment is to use the best ingredients, stringent manufacturing standards and persistent Quality Control procedures to bring you the finest fluids on the market today at a competitive price.

Our device and accessory selection is extensive and we are constantly evaluating new products that come on the market in order to bring our customers the latest, newest and coolest e-cigarettes available. Our employees are thoroughly knowledgeable in the latest e-cigarettes and accessories as well as the tried and true proven winners that have been around a while.

As a leader in this industry, we have been in business since 2011 and we are someone you can trust. Stop by one of our convenient locations today or shop online!



Awesome products and staff. Best place in town for your ecig needs


Ross Stephen


Super nice and knowledgeable people!! Don't waste your time or money going anywhere else. These guys have been in the ecig industry longer than any others and it shows in their products and service! Thank you guys for all you do!


Alex Huber

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